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Northern Outreach and Clinical Services (NOCS) was founded in response to the growing need for innovative solutions required by children, youth and adults with complex needs in Northern Ontario. We are driven to provide quality services in the individual’s home community to foster a sense of belonging and connection while addressing the needs and strengths of the individual.

Northern Outreach and Clinical Services also offers outreach clinical services to families, agencies, and professionals within the community. Outreach services are offered to all age brackets. NOCS provides a variety of services within home, school, and community settings. Our professionals are committed to working with the individual’s support team to identify the successes and barriers to reaching full potential.

Our agency specializes in behavioural assessment and treatment of challenging behaviours for individuals with developmental disabilities and complex needs. Clinical supervision from a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) is a key component within our team for delivering quality ABA services.


We strive to work with community partners providing a true wrap-around support within a multi-disciplinary team. Our team works in collaboration with the individual’s support team, which may include psychiatrists, occupational therapists, dietitians, speech and language pathologists, psychologists, social workers and school boards.


We believe our staff to be elite in providing a diverse range of direct ABA services to individuals, based on best practices. We endeavor to work with the individual and their family to develop innovative individualized programs based on preferences, needs, choice, and autonomy.


Northern Outreach and Clinical Services (NOCS) is committed to providing high quality behaviour assessment and treatment services within Northern Ontario. Our goal is to offer a professional yet comfortable environment for individuals to achieve their potential and ultimately live a life where they feel empowered. At NOCS, we believe in a strength-based and solution-focused approach, utilizing evidenced-based behavioral strategies to obtain the best outcome for the families and individuals we serve.


To create accessible quality ABA services within Northern Ontario.


Creating Joy

We believe in creating learning environments where the individual feels happy, relaxed, and engaged so they may be available to learn while feeling safe and in control.


We are committed to providing honest and transparent services while adhering to the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) Code of Ethics.


We expect mutually respectful and collaborative communication with families and professionals to guide a solution-focused response to an individual’s needs.


ABA is not a one-size-fits-all approach; behaviour plans are individualized to highlight the unique strengths and needs of each person and family we serve.

Lifelong Learning

We promote daily opportunities for learning and growth to improve both personal and professional development.


We believe in building capacity in Northern Ontario so individuals, families, and professionals can strengthen their sense of belonging and engagement in the communities where they live.

Our Approach

At NOCS, we use the principles of learning to help individuals achieve meaningful change towards person-centred goals. We promote practical ABA practices so that strategies are feasibly implemented (“doable”) and sustainable (“they last”) outside of treatment contexts.