Accessible Quality ABA Services

within Northern Ontario

OAP Approved Provider:

NOCS meets all requirements put forth by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) and the new Ontario Autism Program (OAP).

Our Clinical Director Rachel Barber has been certified BCBA since 2013 and is qualified clinical supervisor for families participating in the Ontario Autism Program.

Our goal is to offer a professional yet comfortable environment for individuals to achieve their potential and ultimately live a life where they feel empowered.

At NOCS, we believe in a strength-based and solution-focused approach, utilizing evidenced-based behavioral strategies to obtain the best outcome for the families and individuals we serve.

Our Organization

Northern Outreach and Clinical Services (NOCS) was founded in response to the growing need for innovative solutions required by youth and adults with complex needs in Northern Ontario. We are driven to provide quality services in the individual’s home community to foster a sense of belonging and connection while addressing the needs and strengths of the individual.

Our Programs & Services

NOCS provides a variety of services within home, school, and community settings. Our professionals are committed to working with the individual’s support team to identify the successes and barriers to reaching full potential.